Partner Spotlight: Pastor Tom

You make Bible translation happen! We’ve begun a series in which we ask how the translated Scriptures impact the lives of our partners in Bible translation. We shared Carol’s story about how Isaiah 8 impacted her life during the birth of her 3rd son (click here to read Carol’s story), Jeanette’s meditations on Psalm 131Continue reading “Partner Spotlight: Pastor Tom”

Radio Interview: Moody Radio QC

Radio Interview Moody Radio Quad Cities WDLM89.3FM Quad CitiesMarch 8th, 2021 Station: 89.3 FM Moody Radio Quad Cities Program: Ken & Deb Mornings March 8th, 2021 Listen Online: Interview with Mike & Rachel Aubrey Find out our answers to the following questions: How did you begin your journey in Bible translation? How is Bible translationContinue reading “Radio Interview: Moody Radio QC”

Bible Translation Brings Reconciliation

But now you have been united with Christ Jesus. Once you were far away from God, but now you have been brought near to him through the blood of Christ. Ephesians 2:13, NLT Prior to Bible translation beginning in the Siwu language, the Akpafu and Lolobi communities were separated. The division was generations old: 200Continue reading “Bible Translation Brings Reconciliation”

Her Eyes Lit Up as She Listened

As several Ndokwa people walked down the streets of their community in Nigeria, they heard an unfamiliar sound. A man was reading aloud from John 1:1. The voice captured their attention. They recognized his words as Scripture, but something was different. Normally they heard the Bible read in another language that’s spoken in the region.Continue reading “Her Eyes Lit Up as She Listened”

Progress in Bible Translation

Progress in Bible translation:2020 At a Glance More people have a complete Bible in their language – now 704 languages. Like the speakers of the Huichol language in Mexico. One Huichol speaker said: ‘We are so happy that we now have the complete Bible, the Old and New Testaments.’ More people have the New TestamentContinue reading “Progress in Bible Translation”

What is Partnership?

As we reflect on ‘partnership’, another word comes to mind: Koinonia. It isn’t an English word but comes from Ancient Greek. You may have encountered it at church or in Sunday school. We once attended a class called Koinonia, with the name used to emphasize Christian fellowship. But koinonia is a bit bigger than this.Continue reading “What is Partnership?”

Four Ways Bible Translation Benefits Communities

My grandfather was the first in his family to go to college. He felt the calling, left the farm, and traveled all the way from rural New York to Chicago to study at Moody Bible Institute and become a pastor. That one act changed everything. Nearly all of us can probably point to the firstContinue reading “Four Ways Bible Translation Benefits Communities”