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We equip and empower translation teams around the world through the creation of translation tools and language resources, so that national translators can efficiently and accurately translate the Bible into their own language. Our desire is to see people from every language understand the Bible and encounter the fullness of God in their culture and context.

Millions of people do not have access to God’s Word in a language they can clearly understand.

The Bible is God’s Word. It is for all people everywhere speaking all languages. Yet millions of people lack access God’s Word in a language and format that clearly speaks to their hearts. At least 2,000 language communities around the world are still waiting for a translation project to begin.

That’s why Wycliffe Bible Translators exists — to help speakers of these remaining languages get the Bible for themselves. And we won’t stop until all people have God’s Word in a language they understand.

Our Task

Misriani, from East Timor, was a translator for the Helong New Testament: Buk Niu.

Translating the Bible is an immense task. Translators and consultants need tools to help them translate the Bible with accuracy and naturalness.

We work with local translators and translation consultants around the world to provide language and translation resources so that minority-language communities can have the Bible in their own language. Our skill set in language analysis establishes a foundation for clear, natural, and accurate Bible translations. Learn more.

How You Can Help

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Invest in work that equips translation teams around the world to translate the Bible into their own language.

Bible Translation Changes Lives

“If we are to understand the Word of God, God needs to translate himself into our language, so that his words can speak deeply to each person. It’s the translation of the Word of God into my language that is at the base of my own faith.”

Elvis Guenekean, coordinator for translation and literacy projects, Bossangoa region, Central African Republic

“When we [do] Bible studies in Siwu, even the old ladies […]understand what you are saying and ask questions.

“Formerly people thought they could only pray in Ewe. But we taught them, ‘God understands Siwu.’ They now understand that God is not only an Ewe‑speaker, but also speaks Siwu.” 

Reverend Stephen Addai, Siwu translator, Ghana


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“We translators know that whatever you give to Jesus is not wasted. We have given many years to Jesus to have this gift of God’s Word. It is part of our worship.”

— John Igos, an Aruamu Bible translator in Papua New Guinea