Mom would love this!

The grief & deep loss that is losing my mother, Jeanette, continues. The wound is raw. The video below made me wish I could share it with my beautiful mother, but she isn’t here, so I’d like to share it with all of you.

Take a moment (3 minutes!) to hear from a missionary couple who have served in Bible translation for 57 years. They share about why they serve, and keep serving.

I pray that Michael and I can have stories of serving God’s people in Bible translation for 57 years one day.

In the video, John Chestnut (president of Wycliffe USA) points to the myriad multicultural teams of people serving in Bible translation to make sure God’s people get the Word of God in their own language. That’s us! We’re part of that team!

My mother was one of our biggest cheerleaders. I continue in my work because of how much I know my mother loved and supported it. I feel closer to her when I’m doing what God has called me to do.

I discover something new daily that I wish I could tell her about; I always think: “Mom would love this!”

57 Years as Missionaries (And They’re Not Done Yet!)

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