Progress in Bible Translation

Isaiah 40:8 in the Huaylas Quechua language

The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.

—Isaiah 40:8 (NLT)

Progress in Bible translation:
2020 At a Glance

More people have a complete Bible in their language – now 704 languages. Like the speakers of the Huichol language in Mexico. One Huichol speaker said: ‘We are so happy that we now have the complete Bible, the Old and New Testaments.’

More people have the New Testament in their language – now 1,551 languages. Like the speakers of Samburu in Kenya. Julia, a Samburu woman, said: ‘Today is a day of happiness for Samburus, because we now have our own Bible.’

More people have some portions of the Bible – now 1,160 languages. Like the speakers of Ashe in Nigeria. Ashe Chief, Bisa, said: ‘I never imagined that one day I would hear Scripture being read in the Ashe language.’

More people have translation projects at work in their languages – now 2,731 languages. Like the Ceren people who live in a part of Asia hostile to the gospel. First steps towards Bible translation have been completed with the official acceptance of the Ceren alphabet. A Ceren leader said: ‘Where many do not care about us and do not see us, you have cared, you have seen. Thank you!’

Source: Wycliffe UK Bible Translation Progress Report

Toward a future where everyone has the Bible in a language they can understand.

This exciting progress shows acceleration in Bible translation around the world. God is working through people like you praying and giving. Your giving facilitates local translators to be trained; availability of computers and reliable energy supplies; as well as enabling specialists like us to develop needed translation tools and resources for translation projects across the globe.

Transformative progress has also been made in the number of new Bible translation projects beginning. There are currently over 2,700 active Bible translation projects around the world. We are on the brink of historic change.

With your help, in the next 10-15 years we will see:

  • 95% of people having the Bible in their language (currently 80%)
  • 99% of people with the New Testament in their language (currently 90%)
  • 100% of people having access to some Scripture in a language that speaks to them effectively (currently 255 million people have no Scripture)

This represents a key milestone in world history – one that your praying and giving plays an essential part in achieving.

The Ellomwe people in Malawi recently received the Bible in their language. Hundreds of people danced and sang to celebrate the completion of the Ellomwe Bible.

‘I am grateful to God that I can witness this in my lifetime.’

Ellomwe Chief Nazombe
© Bible Society of Malawi

In the coming years, it is our prayer that many more people will be able to say they are grateful to God for seeing their people have the Bible in their language during their lifetime. And we are eager to be part of this effort.

In the New Year, we are resolute in our purpose and call to Bible translation. We are steadfastly working toward our ministry goal. 

We need those who will join us in our resolve. And we are determined to begin our ministry by Spring 2021. Would you affirm our call to Bible translation by joining our ministry team of prayer and financial partners? Learn more.

We need those who will join with us in God’s work around the world. Would you join our ministry team as a prayer and regular financial partner? Will you help us make a difference in people’s lives today?

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