We are called, trained, & ready to serve

Our fathers are Bible preaching and teaching pastors. We grew up in active, faith-based homes, steeped in the God’s Word. This is part of who we are as individuals, as husband and wife, and as we serve God with the gifts afforded to us. God has called us to Bible translation and has placed it on our hearts to serve his people.

We’ve dedicated our lives to God’s Word through the study of linguistics and biblical languages. The Bible is critical for people to know God and be transformed into followers of Christ. Bible translation makes it possible for all language communities to encounter the fullness of God in their own culture and context.

We have education and work experience in the fields of linguistics and translation. We studied linguistics at Dallas International University and Canada Institute of Linguistics at Trinity Western University, applying our studies to biblical Greek and Hebrew. Our theses addressed questions on the grammar of the Greek verb: Michael on the Greek perfect and Rachel on the Greek voice system.

We have published papers and presented at conferences, including invitations to Tyndale House in Cambridge, UK and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Rachel taught a graduate course on how to do grammatical analysis.

Our work at Logos Bible Software has produced tools for pastors and scholars. Rachel worked on Latin/Hebrew resources, including The English-Hebrew Reverse Interlinear Christian Standard Bible and Lexham Reverse Interlinear Vulgate Bible. Michael produced various datasets, along with chapters for the Lexham Methods Series. He is a contributing editor for The Lexham English Septuagint.

Our most recent writing project helps pastors and scholars understand how prepositions function in the Greek New Testament. We also maintain a collaborative site on Greek and Hebrew linguistics: www.koine-greek.com.

It is because of this work that we have been invited to serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators. After years of training, we are ready to serve the global church in the cause of Bible translation, as we produce language and translation resources for Bibleless communities around the world.

We have…

  • Education and work experience directly relevant to our mission assignment.

  • Positive and strategic connections between the worlds of Bible software and Bible translation. What is available for scholars in the English-speaking world benefits the worldwide Bible translation mission.

  • A team of experienced co-workers committed to the goal of getting God’s Word into people’s hands.

  • A relationship with our supervisor, Paul O’Rear, who serves as international translation resources coordinator with SIL International, Wycliffe’s strategic partner in Bible translation.

– Paul O’Rear, International Translation Resources Coordinator, SIL International

Mike Aubrey specializes in applied linguistics, historical linguistics, cognitive and functional theories of language, and verbal semantics. He is the Greek Languages and Linguistics Moderator for the B-Greek forums. He studied Greek at Moody Bible Institute and linguistics at Dallas International University and the Canada Institute of Linguistics at Trinity Western University.

Rachel Aubrey specializes in cognitive linguistics, Role and Reference Grammar, conceptual metaphor theory, and historical linguistics. She is particularly interested in grammatical voice phenomena, event structure, perspectivization, and frames. She studied Greek and Latin at Calvin University and linguistics at Dallas International University and the Canada Institute of Linguistics at Trinity Western University.

Together Mike & Rachel are linguists & researchers for Wycliffe Bible Translators and SIL International. They serve Bible translators and translation projects around the world through the creation of digital resources for exegesis and linguistic analysis of the Bible’s original Greek and Hebrew.

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